60 Below Zero - Fish species we sell worldwide

Captured according to our radar of excellence

Our products

A product with its own history that travels thousands of kilometers without losing its natural taste thanks to our process and know-how. A frozen product from the point of origin to destination. Quality, sustainability and agility transport are the main values that represent our product and service. We offer a wide range of frozen fish, specialized in 8 main species.

These are the species we market: tuna -20ºC and -60ºC (yellowfin, skipjack, big eye), bonito (sarda sarda, sarda orientalis), cod (gadus morhua, gadus macrocephalus), haddock, alaska pollock, redfish, mackerel (scomber scombrus, scomber japonicus), swordfish, blue shark, shortfin, octopus, squid, cuttlefish, halibut, ling and sardine.

Tuna Cod Mackerel Haddock Redfish Pollock Halibut Swordfish